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Why We Charge?

Recycling is essentially a subsidised activity in South Africa. The benefits (which are often overlooked by the powers that be) are long term, the most important one being NOT HAVING SO MANY expensive LANDFILLS IN FUTURE!!

Companies who do not charge, usually have a secondary operation supporting the collection process. Individuals who move around with carts only collect one type of waste, eg. Cardboard or metal, which does not need sorting.

In our case the waste we collect from homes, offices, complexes and schools, is “crudely” sorted.

We cannot sell a bag of waste we get to a recycler as the bag contains elemens they don’t want. The bags we remove are taken to a sorting facility where they are sorted - PLASTIC into grades 1 to 7, PAPER – White, cardboard, Common paper and Cartons, CANS – Aluminium and Steel and GLASS – into colours. All this is very work intensive requiring space and lots of staff, but it does minimize what is ultimately tossed to landfill.

So many collectors take “everything” and sell the valuable and or heavy items only to landfill the rest. YES does not do that. The people we sell to
all have their own crudentials.’’

We offer a legitimate service which we charge for. In this day and age it is not merely important to recycle, it is essential that we do!!

YES offers an excellent service at a nominal rate. We are “always there,” and “leave nothing behind.”







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To be Recognised as one of the premier agents in creating
a culture of environmentally responsible South Africans

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