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"Yes runs a very smooth operation at our school. Her team clears the bins every week and we never have to be concerned about unsightly, overflowing bins."
M J Sjolander, Principal, Northlands Primary – Durban


 Corporate Recycling Bin Sponsorship Program:


Yes Recycling Johannesburg offers a Recycling Bin Sponsorship Program
aimed at corporate organizations that want to sponsor educational initiatives
and recycling programs into the school community.

This is an excellent "Green Initiative" opportunity for small and large businesses.

Read more about our corporate sponsorship program here.


 Johannesburg Schools we have represented:

•St John's College Johannesburg
•St Stithian's College Johannesburg


 How we educate about recycling:

We educate young people about responsible waste disposal, motivating
and encouraging them to sort their waste for recycling purposes.

We have various presentations especially designed for various age groups,
ranging from pre-school to adults. We focus on educating them about global
warming and how recycling can help fight the effects.


 Why we do it:

If you consider that 6000 tons of waste goes to the landfill everyday, just
in Johannesburg, it is vital that we reduce this volume as much as possible. Recycling our waste is an obvious solution.


 We operate in the following way:

Waste Segregation Bins are placed in schools. An education program is instituted and the segregated waste is collected once a week for recycling.

 Benefits to the school:

(This is the same in all cases)

•The pupils are educated as to the benefits of recycling and the
YES recycling program is explained by means of a PowerPoint presentation.
•Sufficient bags are provided and bins are always neat and tidy.
•The bins are cleaned and maintained and the recyclables are
removed once a week.
•We return to the school annually to remind existing pupils and educate new pupils of what needs to be done. This presentation is FREE.
•The school receives a Teachers' Resource Manual and other relevant material for use in themes.
•At the end of the term the school receives a report giving the weight of the various categories of waste collected.
•As much as 70% of the waste in schools can be recycled.
The school has the opportunity to "lead by example".


 Launches into schools consist of two types of bins:

•Our smaller bins - sufficient of these bins will be positioned in the
body of the school.
•Larger brightly coloured "wheelie bins" positioned near entrances or busy areas.


Waste Categories:

•Plastic •Paper •Cans •Tetra Pak



Contact us for more information on pricing as well as to enquire about our
recycling bin sponsorship program


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To be Recognised as one of the premier agents in creating
a culture of environmentally responsible South Africans

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