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 Corporate Recycling Bin Sponsorship Program:


Yes Recycling Johannesburg offers a Recycling Bin Sponsorship Program
aimed at corporate organizations that want to sponsor educational initiatives
and recycling programs into the school community.



 Benefits to the company:

• Educate our future generation to repair, protect and improve our environment.
• Create awareness of the waste challenges facing us.
• Reduce the quantity of waste going to landfill daily.
• Create employment / entrepreneurs.
• Clean up the communities “living areas”.
• Advertising on the bins creates an excellent opportunity for branding
• Implementing "green initiatives" in the community is recognised as
an important social corporate responsibilty contribution.


This is a brilliant business opportunity open to small and large organizations.


Some of our sponsors:

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To be Recognised as one of the premier agents in creating
a culture of environmentally responsible South Africans

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